Carbon Black

Carbon black is a finely dispersed amorphous carbon material produced by combustion or thermal decomposition of gas and liquid hydrocarbons. A very important filler in the rubber industry and next to titanium dioxide, the most important pigment, printing inks, toners, single-ply roofing, inks, paints and plastics. The most common use [70%] of carbon black is as a pigment and reinforcing phase in automobile tires.

N120SAFSuper Abrasion Furnace (SAF) grade with high structure & high fineness offers great reinforcement in rubber products.It gives excellent treadwear, traction, & durability.Excellent performance in wide range of tread compounds from passenger to truck tires.
N134SAFSuper Abrasion Furnace (SAF) grade having high fineness & high structure with high surface activity grade under super abrasion black.Superior abrasion resistance & durability.Premium truck & passenger tires, OTR (Off the Road) tire, & high performance tire tread applications.
N220ISAFIntermediate Super Abrasion Furnace (ISAF) grade having a medium surface area, medium structure grade, & an intermediate super abrasion black.It gives lower hysteresis with good abrasion resistance, tread wear, & traction.It is good for tread applications, primarily in truck tread compounds. Used in conveyor belts & Ink & Paint Applications.
N234ISAFIntermediate Super Abrasion Furnace (ISAF) grade high surface area structure, which offers high reinforcement, & excellent extrusion properties.It gives a good balance of treadwear, traction, & rolling resistance.High performance truck, bus & passenger car Tire Tread Compounds, Solid Tires, Mechanical Rubber, Rubber goods, Ink & Paints requiring good abrasion resistance.
N326HAFIt is a low surface area & low structure carbon black. It offers high elongation, flexibility, & tear strength in rubber application.It gives with low compound viscosity, good fatigue life & crack growth properties.It is primarily used in steel wire-coat compounds for radial tires. Tire Carcasses, Tire Belts, Inks & Paints requiring high tensile strength, good tear resistance, & flex cracking resistance.
N330HAFHigh Abrasion Furnace (HAF) grade is a general purpose high abrasion carbon black.It gives good strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, & elasticity.Tires, Conveyor Belts, Rubber Products which requires optimum balance of abrasion resistance, hysteresis, & viscosity properties. Inks & Paints.
N339HAFHigh Abrasion Furnace (HAF) grade is a medium surface area & high structure grade under high abrasion black.It gives a good reinforcing performance, wear resistance, & crack growth resistance.Tires, Conveyor Belts, Rubber Products which requires high abrasion resistance & good dynamic properties such as treadwear & hysteresis.
N347HAFHigh Abrasion Furnace (HAF) grade is a medium surface area, high structure grade (i.e., it's structure is higher than N-339) under high abrasion black.It gives a good balance of treadwear & hysteresis.It is used for passenger car tire tread, tire body compounds, belting, moulding & rubber products.
N375HAFHigh Abrasion Furnace (HAF) grade is a medium surface area, low structure grade (i.e., it's structure is lower than N339) under high abrasion black.It gives a good balance of treadwear & hysteresis.It is used for Tire (Tire Tread), Rubber Products (Conveyor Belts, Hoses, Hose Covers & Molded), Inks & Painting Industries.
N550FEFFast pressing black FEF. It is a medium surface area & high structure fast extruding furnace black grade offers moderate resilience.It gives fast extrusion speed, low heat build up, good tensile strength, & high stiffness.It is used for tire inner liners, tubing, carcass, profiles, hoses, hose covers, cable jacketing, & plastic conduit compounds requiring excellent dimensional stability. Carbon Black N550 is mainly used in Tire & all types of Rubber Products.
N660GPFGeneral Furnace Black GPF is a lower surface area & medium-low structure & a general purpose high modulus black.It gives even lower heat build up, longer fatigue life, & better processibility. It is easy to disperse in the rubber.It is used tire belt ply, tire inner liners, tubes, profile compounds, molding, hoses, hose covers, shoe soles & heels. It is suitable for all kinds of rubber.
N772SRPSemi-reinforced furnace black SRF with low surface area, low structure semi-reinforcing furnace grade provides high resilience & excellent dynamic properties.It is non-pollutiong with low fixed tension providing excellent processibility.It is mainly used as reinforcing filler for seals, gaskets, engine mount, extruded goods, belts, hoses, & tire inner liner.
N774SRPSemi-reinforced furnace black SRF with a low surface area & structure (slightly higher than N772).It gives high resilience, good elasticity resistance & blending resistance.It is used as reinforcing filler for belting, mouldings, hoses, hose cover, tire inner liner, tubes, & profiles. It gives excellent processibility in number of rubber goods.
N990NRFNon-reinforced Carbon Black with a large particle size, small specific surface area, low structure, easy dispersion, good fluidity, & high Filling volume & other characteristics.It gives high stiffness, fast extrusion speed, small mouth expansion, & smooth extrusion surface.It is one of the more widely used in tire inner liners, hoses, tapes, oil seals & fluoroelastomer products.