Rubber Chemicals

Rubber chemicals can be broadly classified into 3 categories:

Antioxidants: Chemicals that predominantly protect unsaturated polymers from Oxygen, Heat, & heavy metal ions.
Antidegradants: Besides the above-mentioned degradative forces also protect Polymers from more aggressive degradative forces such as ozone and Flex-Fatigue.
Accelerator: Defined as the chemical added into a rubber compound to increase the speed of vulcanization and to permit vulcanization to proceed at lower temperature and with greater efficiency.

BrandProduct NameAppearanceMelting/Drop PointDosage (phr)Applications
GRPCMBTOff white to creamish Powder175ºC - 185ºC0.5 - 1.5MBT is a primary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers with excellent low temperature curing properties. It may be used in non-staining and non-black vulcanizates. It provides anti-scorch protection in sulfurless rubber compounds. It acts as a retarder in CR compounds.
GRPCMBTSCreamish to Greyish Powder172ºC - 185ºC0.5 - 1.5MBTS accelerator for rubber is a general purpose accelerator for sulfur cures. It is very active above 142°C (287°F). Unlike thiuram disulfides, MBTS does not split off active sulfur during vulcanization. For use in natural and synthetic rubber processing. MBTS has a higher critical temperature than MBT, preventing early-cure and scorching. To conduct processing safely, it is recommended that MBTS accelerator be used in combination with basic accelerators such as TMTD.
GRPCZMBTLight yellow to yellow Powder320ºC Min.0.5 - 3.5ZMBT accelerator is a primary accelerator for NR, SR and their latices; used as a secondary accelerator in sulfur cured latex. It offer excellent heat resistance to NR rubber vulcanizates in High accelerator- low sulphur cure systems.
GRPCCBSCreamish to white Powder/Granules98ºC - 104ºC0.5 - 5.0CBS is a delayed action sulfenamide accelerator suitable for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It has the ability to provide fast efficient mixing without scorching or sacrificing physical properties. CBS provides vulcanizates with high tensile strength.
GRPCTBBSOff white to White Powder/Granules105ºC - 115ºC0.5 - 4.0TBBS accelerator for rubber is a delayed action accelerator for use in natural rubber and synthetic rubbers such as SBR, BR, NBR and EPDM. It has lower scorch than CBS and can be more safely processed. It has slightly faster scorch than OBTS. TBBS has high modulus and excellent physical properties, suitable for tire treads and mechanical goods.
GRPCTMTMYellowish to light yellowish Powder104ºC - 112ºC0.5 - 1.5TMTM is used as a secondary accelerator with sulfenamides, thiazoles and guanidines; and provides improved processing safety when compared to other thiurams.
GRPCTMTDWhite to creamish Powder145ºC - 153ºC0.5 - 1.5TMTD is the most widely used among ultra-accelerators in natural and synthetic rubber; acts as a retarder for CR; an effective accelerator for low temperature cures.
It is majorly used as rubber curing accelerator with super anti-scorching and short curing time features. Used in manufacture of tires, shoes, tubes, cable, etc.
GRPCTETDOff white to White Flakes/ Powder69ºC - 73ºC0.1 - 2.0TETD is an accelerator suitable for most sulfur-cured elastomers. It acts as both an accelerator and a vulcanizing agent in low sulfur and sulfurless stocks. Its low melting point provides excellent dispersion in soft compounds. It is used as a cure modifier for polychloroprene. TETD provides better processing safety than TMTD with less blooming.
GRPCZDECOff white to White Powder175ºC Min.0.5 - 1.5ZDEC is used for NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, HR, EPDM and natural & synthetic latexes. Strong resistance to scorching. In its handling, care should be operated, because of its increase activation and strong tendency to scorch at low temperatures (100°C). ZDEC is often used as a secondary accelerator. In latex, better results are obtained when used in combination with other types, such as thiazole accelerators. Used for rubber coated fabrics, latex products and rubber cement, etc.
GRPCZDBCOff white to White Powder104ºC - 110ºC0.2 - 2.5ZDBC is a rubber accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber and latex. Provides fast cures at low temperatures; slower cure rates than with ZDEC or ZDMC. It is mainly used as a non-blooming, non- staining ultra fast primary accelerator or as a boos ter accelerator in NR / Synthetic rubber latex compounds and dry rubber compounds for the manufacture of transparent / bright colored bloom free rubber products.
GRPCETUWhite to pale crystalline Powder194ºC - 204ºC0.1 - 2.0ETU is an ultra-accelerator for polychloroprene rubber. It is also used in latex as a primary accelerator. It is active even at low temperatures. ETU can be used without zinc oxide for transportation articles. It is an antioxidant in adhesive systems.
GRPCDPTUOff white to White Powder145ºC - 150ºC1.0 - 2.5DPTU non-discoloring accelerator that provides rapid acceleration in most elastomers. It is effective at low temperatures and its vulcanizates have good heat stability.
GRPCDPGOff white to White Powder143ºC - 149ºC0.1 - 0.5DPG is a non-staining, non-discoloring, secondary accelerator for thiazoles and sulfenamides in NR and SBR compounds. It exhibits better storage stability than thiurams and dithiocarbamates but is not as active. DPG can be used in latex as secondary gelling agent (foam stabilizer) in the silicoflouride foam process.
GRPCTDQLight brown to brown Granules/ Powder80ºC - 95ºC0.5 - 1.5TDQ is an inexpensive and highly potent staining type antioxidant most widely used in the rubber com-pounds based on NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and other diene rubbers except CR (polychloroprene). TDQ is classified as a staining type, low volatility, and polymeric antioxidant with very high potency. It offers cost advantage since only small dosage is sufficient to obtain desired long term protection against heat and oxidative ageing as well as reversion resistance during over cure.
GRPCMBIOff white to White Powder295ºC - 300ºC0.5 - 1.5MBI is a non-staining secondary antioxidant for natural rubber, CR, SBR, NBR &EPR and prevents heat oxidation when used in combination with amines.
GRPC4020/6PPDBlack/Brown Beads45ºC - 50ºC0.5 - 4.06PPD is used mainly in the manufacture of tires, rubber shoes and other technical goods. A very effective antioxidant and antiozonant for natural and synthetic rubber. It provides protection against flex cracking and heat aging. Excellent incorporation and easy handling.
GRPCTMQAmber/brown granules85ºC Min.0.5 - 3.0TMQ belongs to a group of slightly staining, stearically-hindered amines. TMQ is a highly effective agent that prevents heat-induced aging and also provides minor protection against ozone and fatigue crack failure. Its major field of application is with black elastomers based on SBR, NR, IR, BR and NBR at loadings of 0.5 to 3.0 phr. It provides excellent heat resistance in peroxide cured NBR and EPDM at 0.25 to 1.0 phr. It is also used in polyethylene that has been cross-linked with peroxide.