Isoprene Rubber (IR)

IR is a general purpose synthetic rubber having almost the same molecular structure as natural rubber. When compared with natural rubber, it dose not contain the natural non-rubber components such as proteins and It has uniform quality, excellent hue, and no contamination. It also has the characteristic of enabling the shortening of mastication and mixing time.




ManufacturerTradenameMooney ML (1+4) 100ºCTechnical Documents (TDS)
ZeonIR 220082
ZeonIR 2200L70
GoodyearNatsyn® 220080
GoodyearNatsyn® 221060
NizhnekamskneftheimSKI-3 Group 175 - 85
NizhnekamskneftheimSKI-3 Group 265 - 74
JSRJSR IR 220082