Polybutadiene RubberPBR  is a polymer formed from the polymerization process of the monomer 1,3 – Butadiene, has a high resistance to wear and is used especially in the manufacture of tires and treads. Polybutadiene rubber is the second largest volume synthetic rubber produced, next to styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR).




ManufacturerTradenameMooney ML(1+4)100ºCCis Content 1,4Technical Documents (TDS)
SiburBR 1203 Ti45> 90
SiburBR-1243 Nd grade В44> 97
SiburBR-124544> 97
KumhoKBR0145> 96
Zeon122043High Cis
Zeon1250H50Low Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 2263High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 2444High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 2544High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 29 TDAE37High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 120343High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 122040High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 122153High Cis
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 454538
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 555136
ArlanxeoBuna® CB 606038
Sabic®BR 40104096
Sabic®BR 46104696
Sabic®BR 55105596
GoodyearBudene® 12075597
GoodyearBudene® 12084697
GoodyearBudene® 12804096
GoodyearBudene® 12226397
GoodyearBudene® 12235597
GoodyearBudene® 12244497
LG ChemBR 12084597
LG ChemBR 12804596
Eni VersalisNeocis BR 404397
Eni VersalisNeocis BR 606397
Eni VersalisIntene 30 AF65*38
Eni VersalisIntene 40 AF100*38
Eni VersalisIntene 50 AF170*38
Eni VersalisIntene 60 AF250*38
Reliance RelflexCisamer 12204596
Reliance RelflexCisamer 014596.5
Reliance RelflexCisamer PBR 513996
Reliance RelflexCisamer PBR 7004397
NizhnekamskneftheimND-PBR (SKDN)4596