EPDM is a copolymer with elastomeric properties, which means it is a polymer which is both viscous and elastic. If stretched, it will return to its original shape. Its two main components (ethylene and propylene) are both derived from oil and natural gas. It is an extremely versatile material used in a variety of applications, from automotive products to HVAC parts.

EPDM rubber is a high-density synthetic rubber used for outdoor applications and other spaces in need of tough, versatile parts.





ManufacturerTradenameMooneyEthylene (wt%)ENB (wt%)Oil, phrTechnical Documents (TDS)
Globus RubchemEPDM Repro GR-665060605-
Globus RubchemEPDM Repro GR-555454554.934
Dow Dow Nordel™ 4570
Dow EPDM 570
Dow Dow Nordel™ 4640
Dow EPDM 644
Dow Dow Nordel™ 4760P
Dow EPDM 764P
Dow Dow Nordel™ 4770P
Dow EPDM 774P
Dow Dow Nordel™ 4785
Dow EPDM 785
Dow Dow Nordel™ 5565
Dow EPDM 565
Dow Dow Nordel™ 3640
Dow EPDM 643
Dow Dow Nordel™ 6565 XFC65558.5-
Dow Dow Nordel™ 6555 OE55538.523
Dow Dow Nordel™ 6530 XFC30558.5-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 4450S42524.3-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 457746665.175
ArlanxeoKeltan® 8550C80485.5-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 9650C60516.5-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 8570C80665-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 9950C60449-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 245028484.1-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 2470C25694.5-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 265025466-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 446548564.150
ArlanxeoKeltan® 4869C48628.7100
ArlanxeoKeltan® 5469C52584.5100
ArlanxeoKeltan® 5470C55664.6-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 6160D6364DCPD
ArlanxeoKeltan® 6950C65449-
ArlanxeoKeltan® 6951C63449
ArlanxeoKeltan® 7752C53457.5
Arlanxeo KSAKeltan® 6405H64685-
Arlanxeo KSAKeltan® 8105M81595.5-
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 250425584.7-
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 366652644.575
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 560172695-
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 700160735-
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 870078638-
Exxon MobilVistalon™ 8800735410-
Mitsui ChemicalsMitsui EPT™ 2060M40552.3-
Mitsui ChemicalsMitsui EPT™ 3092M61654.6-
Mitsui ChemicalsMitsui EPT™ 3110M78565-
Mitsui ChemicalsMitsui EPT™ 3072EM51645.440
Mitsui ChemicalsMitsui EPT™ 9090M584114-
SabicSabic® EPDM 65760735-
SabicSabic® EPDM 75672695-
SabicSabic® EPDM 85580555.2-
KumhoKEP 43533572.3-
KumhoKEP 24042574.5-
KumhoKEP 27071574.5-
KumhoKEP 281F82675.7-
KumhoKEP 96049705.750
KumhoKEP 98058714.575
SumitomoSumitomo EPDM 505A45578.4-
SumitomoSumitomo EPDM 512E64685-
SumitomoSumitomo EPDM 552E81595.5-
SumitomoSumitomo EPDM 520682619.3-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 50555608-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 51065754.5-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 51145574.6-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 51257683.9-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 52565608.1-
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 67750704.5100
Lion ElastomersRoyalene® 69448704.575
Eni VersalisDutral TER 4038 EP60734.4-
Eni VersalisDutral TER 404976604.5-
Eni VersalisDutral TER 443643725.540
Eni VersalisDutral TER 443757684.540
Eni VersalisDutral TER 65374368850
Eni VersalisDutral TER 904667698.9-